Ila’s Hurricane Seasoning BBQ Seasoning & Rub

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Amp up anything you BBQ with the Hurricane. It has a “kick” and is especially for summer time grilling. (But, it’s OK to use it all year round).

2 reviews for Ila’s Hurricane Seasoning BBQ Seasoning & Rub

  1. Alexandra Eanes

    We bought this up in the San Juan Island while on vacation. What a delicious seasoning! We use this on everything. So good. Thanks!

  2. Allister Baldwin

    My father brought me a shaker of this rub last time he came to visit. Love it because it has all the spices that we love plus just enough parmesan cheese. I’ve so far used it on ribeye steaks, flatiron steaks, chicken, fish, salads, and even Beyond Meat. It’s literally the perfect combination of flavorings. The most beautiful thing about it is that salt is the last thing on the ingredient list – so it’s healthier than any other seasoning/rub I’ve used when cooking and there’s no risk of oversalting.

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